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Who Should Read This Book?
This book is for beginning JavaScript programmers—people who are interested in learning the basics of modern JavaScript programming: the language syntax, how it works in browsers,  what the common cross-browser problems are, and how to take advantage of AJAX and third-party libraries such as jQuery to add interactivity to your web pages.

This book takes you step by step through the process of learning the JavaScript programming language. Starting at the beginning of the book and following each of the examples and exercises provides the maximum benefit to help you to gain knowledge about the JavaScript programming language. If you already have some familiarity with JavaScript, you might be tempted to skip the first chapter of this book. However, Chapter 1, “JavaScript Is More than You Might Think,” details some of the background history of JavaScript as well as some of the underlying premise for this book, both of which might be helpful in framing the discussion for the remainder of the book. Chapter 2, “Developing in JavaScript,” shows you how to get started with programming in JavaScript. If you’re already familiar with web development, you might already have
a web development program, and therefore you might be tempted to skip Chapter 2 as well. Nevertheless, you should become familiar with the pattern used in Chapter 2 to create JavaScript programs. The book contains a Table of Contents that will help you to locate a specific section quickly. Each chapter contains a detailed list of the material that it covers. In addition, you can download the source code for many of the examples shown throughout the book. For detail hubungi cucutokminah

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