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ARABIC: An Essential Grammer

This book describes the fundamental grammar and structure of modern literary Arabic. It is complete with exercises and offers a strong foundation for reading and writing the Arabic of newspapers, books, broadcasts and formal speech, as well as providing the student with a course for self-study. The exercises and examples contain modern vocabulary and expressions taken from everyday use. The work contains thirty-nine chapters with an appendix of tables for verb forms and verb conjugation paradigms

All chapters are progressive and they complement each other. For this reason it is recommended that the student master each lesson before going on to the next. Up to chapter 22, a full transliteration into the Latin alphabet is given for all Arabic examples and exercises. From chapter 22 onwards, the transliteration is omitted from the exercises only. There are two types of exercise: Arabic sentences translated into English, and English sentences to be translated into Arabic. The words of the English to Arabic translation exercises are taken from the Arabic to English exercises of the same chapter. So that readers do not have to use Arabic–English dictionaries, which a learner of Arabic would find difficult at this stage, most Arabic words in the exercises are indexed with a superscript number and the same number is given to the equivalent English word. I am confident that this book will prove to be of great help to those who have begun or will begin the study of Arabic, and that teachers will find it a useful aid. For detail hubungi cucutokminah

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