Monday, January 24, 2011



Cycling is great exercise, but it has so much more to offer you. It is a pastime you can take up regardless of your age or current state of fitness, and it can help you to lose weight, tone your muscles, and strengthen your heart and lungs. You'll be working out, whether you explore locally or ride further afield. On top of this, it's fun. It's a great way to rediscover the freedom that many of us first enjoyed as children, as the world whizzed past us on our bikes. Bikes are more sophisticated these days, but the fun's still there. In these days of  gridlock traffic, riding your bike to work is a money-saving, healthy, and quick alternative to cars and public transport. Get started and rediscover the simple thrill of riding your bicycle outside.

why cycle?
There is nothing quite like cycling: The thrill of speed, the feeling of traveling along under your own power, the breeze in your face, the sounds, the fresh air. I enjoy the sensation of muscles tightening as you work to climb a hill, the feeling of achievement when you reach the top, the view, and the swooping freewheel down the other side. Cycling is freedom, fun, travel and exercise rolled into one. For more detail contact cucutokminah by email.

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